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You’re creating content like a washing machine on its spin cycle (i.e. really fast) and you’re looking for ways to share that content with the masses.

So you’re jumping at every chance you can get to have your content featured in someone else’s course, distributed to someone else’s list, or shared live during an interview or virtual summit. And then it hits you … there’s nothing stopping those people who graciously shared your content from using it for themselves to make a buck.

That’s reason #1 why you need this agreement. So that people know just because you’re letting them share your content, they don’t own it. Think of those free photo sites where you can download an image and use it, BUT you can’t resell said image. This is the same thing.

Reason #2 you want this agreement is in case someone DOES want to license your content (i.e. pay you for it). In the agreement you can list out things like:

how much you will pay or get paid

how long the license lasts

what can and can't be done with the content

what can be done if the license is misused

...and more!

Get Yours For Only $397!

Grab your Content License Agreement Kit for $397 and get a special annotated version of the agreement complete with a video tutorial to walk you through each section.

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